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19 Top Non-Fiction Literary Agents

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19 Top Literary Agents for Spiritual Books

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28 Agents Who Want Your Work

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How to Tell a Story: The Secrets of Writing Captivating Tales

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Writing & Publishing. Book proposals matter. My father used to tell me that you could build or fix anything with the right tools. If you want to land a literary agent and a book deal, the right tool (for a non-fiction book) is called a book proposal.

How to Write a Query Letter

Resources for How to Write a Book July 30, by Jennifer S. Wilkov As authors and writers, we’re always learning about resources and industry tools that we can use to improve our book project performance and the enjoyment of our writing and marketing experiences.

Ten Factors to Consider When Writing Book Proposals By Dennis E. Hensley. My friend Virginia Muir, former managing editor at Tyndale House Publishers, was once accosted by an irate writer whose proposal had been rejected by Tyndale.

She is also the co-author of The Everything Guide to Writing a Book Proposal (Adams ) and The Everything Guide to Getting Published (Adams ).

Represents more than clients.

28 Agents Who Want Your Work

Specializes in: This agency specializes in nonfiction and occasionally handles mainstream fiction for adults. The appendix about writing a book proposal was puzzling because it didn't seem to fit into the theme of this book.

Overall this book had a number of good suggestions, but I would have liked the entire book to be about writing a captivating story/5.

Writing a book proposal by peter rubie agency
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