Writing a bio poem directions

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Maya Angelou Biography

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bio7poem!will!be!aboutyourself!and!one!bio7poem!will. directions, graphic organizers, a bio poem planning page, a sheet of decorative writing paper, and a sample bio poem. Bio poem handout: printable creative writing activity, use this template when writing a bio poem, a great format for students to write creatively about themselves and get to know others.

Grade students' bio poem efforts using a rubric that measures their writing skills, ability to follow directions, and other grade-appropriate skills. Submitted By Christopher Lucero, Long Beach State, Long Beach, California.

Students can apply a bio-poem to any of the characters in a story. This will promote a deeper understanding and develop characterization skills.

Students can use the bio-poem technique as a pre-writing skill when developing a biography or autobiography.

For the Bio Poem assignment, write two versions of the poem. First version is from the perspective of who you are NOW and what you believe NOW.

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Bernadette Mayer Writing a bio poem directions
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Write a Biography Poem | Printable Poetry Worksheet